We are proud to offer the following:
Sourcing & Procurement

Sourcing is one of the most valuable services that Jane and her Team offers – read in more detail in the Safari Shopping Services section. Procurement requires both a eye for detail and design, as well as excellent administrative and co-ordination skills.

With over twenty-five years experience,  Jane can manage all the buying and supplying of design projects, as well as the ongoing management and control of a lodge’s procurement requirements. Jane  currently handles all the procurement and supplies  for Singita Pamushana here in Zimbabwe, and is their anchor in Harare.

Safari Shopping Services

Our services include:

  • Professional sourcing, shopping, and supply of the full range of catering requirements, for luxury camps, lodges and high-end caterers.
  • Expert, careful packing service, with a secure cold chain ensuring goods arrive in excellent condition.
  • Established network and preferential relationships with top-tier suppliers, organic farms and local products across Zimbabwe and South Africa.
  • Highest quality supply of fresh and dry produce, with additional impact of farm to table focus and a reduced carbon footprint.
  • Specialist food and fine product procurement for hard to find items, including gluten-free, and other dietary requirements.
  • Reliable and effiecient consolidated despatch service, to meet your client schedule with 100% success rate to date.
  • Unparalled repuation as a provider with integrity, to some of zimbabwe’s leading luxury establishments.

We will collaborate willingly on design, and indeed enjoy the creativity of working with different architects, interior designers, and retail outlets.

Collaborative Craft Projects promote all types of craft found in Zimbabwe, have wonderful suppliers and crafters country wide that work with us, and enjoy trading in the various statement pieces we procure. Jane is extremely passionate about raising the profile of the local artisan here in Zimbabwe, and expanding their footprint globally.

Whilst we specialise in bespoke basketware and flooring solutions, we are the only commercial manufacturer of rush matting flooring solutions in Zimbabwe, with over 30 families supported by the work we produce.

I am currently working on building capacity of the women’s groups I work with, to enable them to meet the increasing demands of an export market, with a product that works for both the end user and consumer. We pride ourselves on providing not only a refined customer service, but attention to detail in all that we do.


Collaborative Craft Projects has recently expanded into the area of product development and training,  and Jane is considered to be an ambassador to Zimbabwe’s artisans, by providing them with new designs and a fresh outlook on their products.

Based on the skill set they have, and my ability to translate that into a finished product, we are able to create, curate and collaborate with the end user, to find the best fit for all, and meet the demands of an ever-changing global marketplace. We welcome new relationship in this exciting arena and will travel far and wide in the region and beyond to achieve these ends. Jane is able to strike up an instant rapport with the groups she undertakes product development with.


Our desire to create striking and unique interiors has meant Jane travels the region, and as far away as Vietnam and India, to seek out specific statement pieces for installations in projects. Jane’s innate style and design integrity, coupled with her extensive experience in the world of hospitality and travel make her curation services a sort after service.